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En anglais, en latin, en italien et même en klingon. Toute poésie dans une autre langue que le français trouvera sa place ici.

the sun laying lights on the field -
immense areas blank with bright greens and yellows -
your eyes - fauve - swallowing everything
in violent blue swirls

of the silent sky, I remember nothing
but your detached silhouette under the grazing clouds -
wind roaming amongst the long strands of grass
Publié par Kreekers le 21-May-2021 01:20
I lost you yesterday, just as the night rumbled -
As short as life can be, nights can go endlessly -
I keep looking for you amidst this fading day
Under a starless sky crowned by a waning orb

Shall I cling to the Moon and her warm golden mane
For my sun will decline as yours blooms in the sky
And I...
Publié par Kreekers le 21-Apr-2021 21:50
October has just gone, whispered by the side street
As if our time has sailed in a chilly retreat.
Lost in my memories, sitting by the fountain,
Blurred in the horizon, I do not feel the rain.

The colors extinguish the candles of the night,
Draining the aurora. There is no delight,
No beauty or...
Publié par Ayato le 21-Apr-2021 19:40
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