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the sun laying lights on the field -
immense areas blank with bright greens and yellows -
your eyes - fauve - swallowing everything
in violent blue swirls

of the silent sky, I remember nothing
but your detached silhouette under the grazing clouds -
wind roaming amongst the long strands of grass
that would tickle our naked ankles -
as everything shifted

how vibrant everything was
as you pressed your chest against mine
until there was nothing left in the world -
but your hands - radiating warmth
over my skin

your lips - the everlasting taste of grapes
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 Re : Grapes

Not sure I'm supposed to comment in English.
Found it slightly difficult to get into the rhythim at the beginning. I guess I expected it to be smoother, probably because of the nature/love theme.
I quite like the atmosphere and the images, though (but I've heard grazing clouds somewhere--or have I?)
A lot of "everything". Is that intentional?
I'd have dropped "the" before "overlasting". But that's personal.
Read you soon!
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